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Apple strudel, vanilla cream, walnut ice cream, orange soil
Homemade lime cheesecake, maracuja ice cream
Variation of fruit sorbets /lemon with lime, raspberry, maracuja
Plum and poppy seeds pie, vanilla ice cream
Tiramisu with Baileys
Bourbon vanilla crème brûlée, wild berries
Seasonal fresh fruit salad, raspberry sauce
Chocolate trio /Crème brûlée, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate ice cream
Selection of Czech cheeses /Bastion, Gratien, Mountain Cheese 




Baked corn-fed farm chicken, pumpkin purée, root vegetables, truffle sauce
Duck breast, red cabbage, ginger, sesame, spring onion, momofuku bun 
Crispy roasted Czech duck leg, red cabbage, butter seared mashed potatoes 
West bohemian pork belly, white cabbage, apple, potato puree, balsamico
Baked beef ribs, beetroot, orange, dill, romaine lettuce, bbq sauce, mustard 
Veal fillet, spinach, grenaille potatoes, oyster mushroom, veal jus
Lamb confit, red cabbage, curry mayonnaise, baked carrot, coriander 




Smoked celery cream, Jerusalem artichoke chips 
Potato cream with marjoram, mushrooms, bacon and carrot oil /VEG-without bacon
Veal consommé, oxtail, egg, lovage




Grilled salmon, bok choy, fried potatoes, ginger, mustard, brown butter, shallot onion
Pike perch, beluga lentil, dark garlic, marjoram, spinach
Cod fish, bean puree, seasonal vegetable, saffron sauce




Stracciatella cheese, fried anchovies, basil, arugula salad,  dried cherry tomatoes
Lettuce salad, Granny Smith apple, lemon, walnuts, mint dressing
Grilled beetroot, goat cheese, raspberries, coriander, mizuna 
Avocado, quinoa, romaine lettuce, walnuts, lime
Ceasar salad




Beetroot gazpacho, feta cheese, smoked trout caviar
Smoked mackerel, pickled seasonal vegetables, curry, mayonnaise, black rice 
Marinated salmon, tapioca, avocado, marinated shallot onion, dill
Smoked veal tartar, dried egg yolk, horseradish, fried capers, watercress
Tiger prawns, mango, cucumber, coriander, glass noodles, additional




Baked celery, smoked salmon, kefir, fried, fried wheat
Bio egg, chicken confit, baked onion, crisps
Fried goat cheese, figs, Parma ham, chicory
Tiger prawns, avocado, fried black rice, kikkoman mayonnaise 
Dill risotto, marinated mushrooms, mustard, egg yolk
Prague ham, pickled seasonal vegetable, horseradish, dried apple
Foie gras, red cabbage, risotto, apple granny smith, coriande
Smoked trout, beetroot, black lentil, dill mousse




Potatoes baked in ash, cottage cheese, lovage, smoked tofu 
Grilled and fried cauliflower, horseradish buttermilk, egg yolk, dill oil, herbs
Saffron risotto, pickled mushrooms, parmesan cheese
Homemade ravioli, ricotta, pumpkin seeds, parmesan mousse



BOHEMIA Welcome drink

30 minutes unlimited consumption of premium  Czech sparkling wine Bohemia Sect Brut  MAGNUM, Fresh orange juice, Mineral water

Gin & Tonic welcome drink

Cocktail Hendrick´s Gin & Tonic, Cocumber;  or Aperol Spritz; Orange juice, Mineral water

Prosecco welcome drink

30 minutes unlimited consumption of  Prosecco Riondo DOC Treviso, Orange juice, Mineral water

Champagne welcome drink

1 glass of champagne Philippe GAMET Brut- sélection BLANC DE NOIRS,  Orange juice, Mineral water




Mussels, horseradish, parsley mayonnaise 
Marinated cucumber, gin, juniper
Radish, chicken liver, crumbs 
Potato in ash, curd, lovage
Marinated carrots, aniseed, hazelnuts, thyme
Smoked quail eggs, tapioca, keta caviar
Veal tartar, bread chips 
Chicory, goat cheese, pumpkin seed
Sweet-sour pork loaf, romaine lettuce, mustard 
Pistachio macron, foie gras, maracuja

SNACK 50 G per person

Homemade grissini, baked onion 
Marinated olives, rosemary
Roasted salted almonds

Contact person Markéta Svobodová Guest Relations Manager T +420 277 000 777 E marketa.svobodova@zatisigroup.cz

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